Main Services 

IT management is the coordination of all IT resources, systems, platforms, people, and environments.
Modern, dynamic environments need a new approach to management that can improve speed, help you scale, and provide stability across your enterprise IT environments.
Automation is an essential and strategic component of modernization and digital transformation.
infoplus delivers strategic automation technology—and training—to enterprises by bringing management technologies, like infoINFRA Platform, across infoINFRA management offerings—including network and security. 

IT System 

- ITO service, MO (integrated maintenance) service
- Customer Care Service
- Regular system operation support and  One Time Support Service
- Virtualization and Cloud Solution Linux, Vmware, Cloud Solution
-Hfra Solution: BM (VIO, PowerHA, GPPS), Veritas(Backuo), Teamstone(SMS)



- Data center architecture

- A unified data center framework supports business goals such as virtualization, cloud computing, and infrastructure as a service.)

- Data center networking


-Global security solution supply
(Network security, DB security, data encryption, web security gateway, firewall, OTP, APT response, forensic, QoS solution)

-Security solution construction & customer care service

-Security system analysis

-SECUI Vietnam Distributor


- More than 20 years of experience and information

- Financial and IT business consulting

- Providing local customized guides and services

- Support from equipment construction to maintenance