Main Services

Open Banking

A service that is available for a corporate customer to transfer various funds, withdraw and check bank accounts balance through direct computing facility between a bank and a business.

We support Vietnam’s first automated fund transfer solution that allows a business customer to transfer funds and pay bills without visiting banks and internet banking.


Bulk withdrawal

Online financial services that withdraw charges by the selected bank accounts and date from many customers who have an arrangement for making payments with a bank.

Bulk Transfer

Bulk Transfer services that transfer from your registered withdrawal accounts to a specific accounts and date at a time.

Real-Time Transfer

Real-Time Transfer Money service that withdraws fees from many or selected customers’ bank accounts in a real-time.

Automatic Bulk withdrawal

Automatic Transfer Money service that withdraws fees from many or selected customers’ bank accounts in a real-time.

Notice that transfer report

Notice Service that informs you deposit and withdrawal history in a real time.

Check depositor’s name

Checking service of a depositor’s name that ensures if a bank account is valid.


A service that is supporting a business customer to pay bills, check balances, transfer funds, and receive financial information (stock and foreign exchange information).

We support a Cash Management Service that provides a business’s integrated fund management system on one screen through API connection from the ten of Vietnam’s state banks.


The Bank Accounts Management Service that allows you to manage cost bills by use.

The service that automatically transfers from student parents’ bank accounts to the selected bank accounts based on their needs (education costs, food costs) at a time. The service helps you manage financial management and accounting tasks.

An Automated Billing system that helps teachers focus on teaching jobs.

An automated Billing system help teachers and student’s parents collect/ pay class fees without any inconvenient.

Integrated management for members information.

You can register and manage students information packet. (Class schedules, meal plans, commute, and attendance). Plus, you  can manage receiving class fees by sending electronic statements instead of paper statement or texting.

Supporting well-organized accounting materials and an accounting tasks.

Customers enable to prepare external audits by simply printing out accounting report, certificate of payments such education expenses. CMS fees are separated from the received amount to help manage accounting handling without any inconvenience.


One-stop Service

One-stop Service supports customers to pay for banks, telecom companies, and card companies and to get notice services (agreement of payment, payment and electronic statement) through a single contract with infoplus.


We have a financial infrastructure and a systematic anti-fraud system that can reliably carry out worth 5 trillion won a year of bulk transactions 24/7 access from anywhere.


We are highly regarded as "Best Practices for Security System" by an acquisition of "information Security Management System (ISMS) Certification". We always encrypt all customers information and their assets for perfect security.


We provide optimized and personalized CMS programs for your business with industry analysis and business diagnosis.


You can use the CMS programs in a familiar environment. Info Plus enable you to connect to the management support programs through proactive technical collaboration.

Web-based System

Without installing a separate program, a web cloud-based CMS program allows you to connect from anywhere.

Virtual Account

A virtual account is a temporary account created and assigned to each of your paying customers in which helps your company to differentiate each payment from the payment source.

Based on accumulated financial professional practice and security authorized by Vietnamese bank financial institutions, we support Vietnam’s best virtual account service.




  • Deposits can be made through all banking channels (CD/ATMs, mobile banking, Internet banking), and it provides the effect of building a nationwide network without extra charges.


By providing a unique virtual account for each customer, it can be prevented to delay or error for business processing due to different people with the same name or depositor mismatches.


You can check real-time payments by customers via the Internet, can be linked to order and delivery works.


A deposit information database provides streamlined management


You can deposit money into their virtual accounts to all banks, so there is no need for a separate collecting agency business by financial institutions.


There is no credit transaction.
You can deposit via real-time checkout and manage your cash effectively.